Spy on Child’s WhatsApp Without Them Knowing



The most used online chatting app worldwide is WhatsApp. The App is easy to use and that is why most people choose it. Its interface is very easy to use and people of all ages and literacy levels can easily communicate using the App. 

It was not until lately that kids have begun using WhatsApp. Previously, Whatsapp was a main App for adults to communicate. Smartphones too have been many among children and tennagers lately thus they are able to access a lot of information online and also communicate with the same phones. 

The world is already not a safe place for anybody and the only way to protect them from the happenings of the world is by monitoring their activities and moves. You can read this article here and learn more on how you can spy on your children. 

How Can You Track Whatsapp for Your Child Without Them Knowing?

Today, there are hundreds of spy apps available to assist parents in spying their children’s phones; you will just need to google the search term and you will have a couple of them at your disposal. Given the many apps available today, most people prefer Minspy; it is widely used across the globe. 

Minspy is an app that gives a parent the chance to monitor Whatsapp chats, text messages and all the calls made on their child phone. This tracking enables them to see all the activities both incoming and outgoing. The parent can also view multimedia messages, photos and videos that have been received or sent from the gadget. 

The app also allows the parent to track other activities that are happening around the gadget apart from tracking the whatsapp messages such as history, their current location, E-mails coming in and going out, documents, calendar, videos and other social apps such as facebook, twitter, instagram, tinder, snapchat, line among other apps that are in the child’s phone. 

The Minspy app is ideal for monitoring these activities because despite it being able to track many activities on your child’s phone, it is easy to use and can be accessed on both Android and iOS gadgets. Furthermore, the app works in stealth mode and therefore the child is not aware they are being tracked. 

Advantages of Minspy

Minspy is very effective when monitoring WhatsApp. Once you install the tracker you are able to control and see all the activities that your child is carrying out on their phone. The app is able to show data that includes date, time and the period that was spent on every activity especially calls and messaging. It can also give information on the pictures and videos that have been downloaded, received or sent from the device. 

The App is able to view call logs very easily. The parent is able to oversee any incoming and outgoing call and the time spent on the call. Moreover, any missed or rejected calls can be viewed on this app including the names and phone numbers of the people involved in the calls. Additionally, the parent is able to retrieve all the information concerning the person who is calling from the address book. 

While using this application, you can access the web browsing history of the target gadget. Additionally, all the time spent and the date of browsing can be viewed from this app. You are able to see the links of the browsed sites as well.

This app does not only monitor Whatsapp but it is also able to assist you monitor other social apps from the target’s device. Apps such as facebook, twitter, skype, Kik, viber, tinder, Wechat among others can be overseen on this app too.

Minspy can assist you monitor where your child is at a given time. The GPS location track allows you to know if your child is where they are supposed to be at a given time. You can also check how they have moved during the day. Moreover, you can use Geofences on the app. 

Minspy can function as a remote control for your child’s device. On your own device, you can restrict games and apps you perceive harmful on your child’s device. Moreover, you can put commands on when the gadget can be used. 

Steps to Track Your Kids WhatsApp using Minspy

There are four steps in which you can successfully track your child’s whatsapp without their knowledge;

  1. Sign up for Minspy account


In the creation of your account, use a valid email address and a strong password for the registration. After you have added your email address, Minspy will send you a confirmation link. Go to your email address and activate your account.  

  1. Select a subscription

For you to access all the activities offered by Minspy you have to buy a monthly subscription which is affordable. Moreover, there are different subscriptions to choose from so you can settle for what works for you. 

  1. Install the Minspy App on Your Kid’s Device

Once you have chosen the subscription and have completed the transaction, you will receive a link in which you will use to download the app. Click it and download the app and set it up on your kids device. 

Login with your Minspy account and authorize Minspy to access information on the target phone following the given instructions. You can choose if you want to remove the app icon or just leave it there. 

  1. Begin tracking

Once you have finished the setup process on your kid’s phone, go to the Minspy control panel on your computer or device. At that point, you will be able to access your kid’s phone and you will be able to access all the features from there. 

It is the responsibility of every parent to take care of their child and to monitor whatever is going on in their lives. It is also your opportunity to direct your children towards the right path and to how you would like them to be.

This app has a good interface and it is user friendly. It allows you to oversee the date and time all the activities took time on your target’s gadget. This is an app that all parents should aspire to have.

Despite using phones for academic reasons, children are using different apps for entertainment and socialization purposes. While some activities are very helpful, some content could be very risky and they can also be exposed to cyber threats as well. In that case, Minspy is an app that all parents should consider using in their day to day lives

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