What is Chase Blueprint – Review of Credit Card Payment Program



Did you ever try of managing the use of chase blueprint or chase credit card? Did you been demotivated for being charged interest for everyday items as you tend for pay down the balance?

There is a new form of software called as a blueprint by the chase bank which aims of helping you to manage your use of credit card and get your debt paid off using a plan. It is a special advantage of having particular chase card. Other companies of credit card can’t provide you access to this software and not all chase cards qualify.

What is Chase Blueprint?

Chase Blueprint is the online program which chase credit card users have access to. It aids you in handling the various tasks of the credit card: from avoiding to pay interest to pay off the big balance using a particular debt-linked plan.

Features of chase blueprint:

Following are some very beneficial features of the chase blueprint:

It avoids interests on daily purchases

Using the option of full pay, you tell the chase the categories of daily spending that you want of paying off in the whole month. After then, the company will segregate those charges on the bill and let you pay off the balance wholly than in groups. It aids you in avoiding to pay interest on daily purchases which you buy while still carrying the balance on whole large debt.

It Pays Off the Big Purchases using a Plan

Another feature of chase blueprint is known as a split. It lets you select the latest purchases and tell chase about how fast you want of paying off your charge. How does it help? Let’s say that your AC died and you need of spending $750 unexpectedly last month by your credit card. You know that you own an additional $250 per month for throwing at your balance.  Rather than having to pay that amount every month. you will get a reminder by blueprint. And, on every statement you get, you would see the progress to the debt payoff objective shown. It can help you be motivated for paying off the AC and get onto big and better stuff using your money.

Budgeting Feature

The company provides the feature of “track it” which allows you to manage and create the full budget. As all of your card’s transactions get coded by the sort of the merchant processing your charges, chase uses this info for informing you the comparison between your actual purchases and budget you made. Also, you can analyze the purchases by categories.

Final Words on Chase Blueprint

For the long term, if you pay off nearly all of the credit card purchases, still you have to pay interests for everything. But with chase blueprint, this problem gets fixed and provides few useful tools of budgeting as well.

You can make use of the features of paying off all of the balances, however, they carry a potential also for encouraging you to carry your balance much often. Like other tools, how to use blueprints is going to tell you benefits which you get out of it. If used properly, it helps in achieving the highly vital personal finance objective it has: reducing your debts. However, if you won’t be careful, it can put you much deeper within the hole.

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