Where to Buy Some Killing Gym Equipment for Your Gym? 

Helen Jackby:


It is always challenging to carve out time to go to the gym when you’re always busy. This could result in several complications that can be prevented when you workout. And that is the reason behind this article. 

We seek to provide a backup option for you at the HF Lifestyle Website, where you can purchase some of this gym equipment at home. This will help you kill some calories, get your heart rate going, and help to unleash those mood-boosting chemicals without necessarily going to the gym.

gym equipment
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At HF Lifestyle Website, we have a selection of the best portable home gym equipment that will enable you to enjoy a full-body workout without occupying so much space in your abode. Here is a list of some best home equipment you can easily purchase on our site:

1. Everlast Omniflex 

This is regarded as the best home gym equipment that helps you push above your weight. More so, it helps you to enjoy a rigorous cardio session while you release some aggression. The equipment comes with a high-density base that weighs 200lbs when filled with sand. This will ensure you remain upright and reduce movement while you enjoy your workout.

The Everlast Omniflex has a bag that can be adjusted in terms of height. This makes it suitable for practicing karate, boxing, and so on. It comes with a hitting area of 62cm by 103 and is crafted from a durable polyurethane coating.  

2. Bodymax Omni 25kg Selectabell Dumbbells

A proper dumbbell might not be a suitable option for you if you have limited space at home. This particular is designed to enable you to pump iron without necessarily cluttering your limited floor space with bars and weights.

More so, it comes with ten different weight settings on the curl bar that allows you to select your desired weight by simply clicking the dials located on either side of the bar, which goes up to 25kg in 2.5kg increments. Also, you can either by the dumbells separately or in pairs.

3. Powerbar 2

gym equipment

The Power 2 bar helps you to easily perfect your techniques as well as build your reps at home when you use it to muscle-up, chin-up, and a pull-up. Even more, there is no need to screw this device to the wall as it has handy doorframe protectors, which are very suitable for those living in rented apartments.  

For cases where it was screwed, it can be easily removed and folded when not in use. It can as well perform double duties, first as a push-up bar, and then for other bodyweight floor work.

4. Epitome Fitness Sonic Boom Mach2 Skipping Rope 

The jump rope is regarded as one of the most compact workout gear. A vigorous 10-minutes jump rope session at home is equivalent to running for an eight-minute mile. More so, it offers you a burn rate of about 1,300 calories per hour.  

This exercise tones your muscles improves coordination and balance and also helps to strengthen your ankles. The equipment comes with anti-slip grips, adjustable self-locking cables, 360-degree ball bearings, and silicone, as well as offers a guarantee against rope breakages.

5. WaterRower

The WaterRower is regarded as an ugly rowing machine as it can be a monstrous beast during usage. More, the equipment has a gorgeous and innovative look. Unlike other rowing machines that use air or magnets to stimulate the feeling, this equipment uses actual water. 

At each stroke, it churns a paddle that sits within a drum of water, giving you a more authentic experience. The harder you row, the harder the equipment becomes, hence, the resistance is also automatic. Its craft is of premium wood finishes that are relatively expensive and are perfect if you desire a fitness gear that is durable and won’t the looks of your beautiful home.

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