Which Business Trends are Worth Following?



Whenever we look again, it seems that there is a brand-new social media emerging, it seems almost near impossible to try to keep up. With the way that commercial business is evolving, we fix our gaze on the ripple-effect of the ever-evolving marketing strategies to see that although they might change, they never lose their impact.

We must know where to take notes from, the best suggestions would be to look at industry-professionals as well as educational institutions which are training up the next generation. Read more here to see what a reputable university such as Maryville has to say about the future of media proposes and business trends.

You don’t want to be left behind and outdated just because the tools and methods are changing, so we have taken the time and done the research to see which trends are a flavor of the month and which ones are going to substantially elevate your online business. We discuss noteworthy business trends below:

Live Content

Facebook Live and Instagram Live have proved that recorded footage pulls in three times fewer viewers by recorded footage than live streaming. Statistics also prove that live video footage has increased customer interaction six-fold as it allows the business owner to engage with their target audiences in real-time. 

Social Media Commerce

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Most Instagram users have received a push notification within the social media application on their mobile devices and then followed through to purchase a product. Shoppable posts on social media have also ushered in the age of advertising through platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat. No longer are we limited to email marketing campaigns.

SERP Positioning vs Featured Snippet Blocks

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Positioning refers to how Search Engines index your website among other sites according to their prevalence determined by the search, however, Featured Snippet Blocks have stolen the limelight and are overshadowing SERP Positioning. Search Engines determine whether a page will be a good featured snippet or not, so the best way to ensure that your website outperforms others, here are a few guidelines:

  • Make descriptive page titles within your website (Home and About are examples of non-descriptive page titles)
  • Do not overload your website with keywords, it could influence Search Engines to think that your website is spammy.
  • Do not prohibit bots from crawling on your pages, this may seem like an easy way out, but it is cheating.

Marketing and Data Analytics Software 

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The world of software development has blessed us with the gift of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Analytics to use at our discrepancy, however, if used wisely, we could automate our digital marketing, and then plan based on the analytics the software has revised for us.

Software that automates the process for us and reports feedback on how our target audience is responding to marketing has been reported to be capable of boosting revenue by up to over 300% on average.

Most Digital Marketing Automation Software offers the following services:

  • Analytics and Revenue on Income (ROI) Tracking
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Social Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Drip campaigns
  • Landing Pages/ Web Forms
  • Deployment

These communication platforms are worth the investment, as they also save you the most precious resource of all: time.

The Overwhelming Quest of Adaptability

We know that it may seem daunting to integrate with an automated marketing software or stream a live video, and we completely understand, although, the question lies with why have these methods gained traction? We believe the answer to that question is this: transparency and dynamism. To not succumb to obsoletion, businesses must know which trends to follow, and which ones not to.

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