PDFBear – The Best PDF Reader You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2021



As the pandemic continues to alter the way our society works, the number of people relying on technology rapidly increases. The majority of the working class is now doing their duties and responsibilities at the comforts of their own home. Students study their lessons and deliver their tasks virtually. Parents decided to shift from shopping in an establishment to an online store.

You may be ruminating on how to open the PDF files your boss sent to you yesterday, or the pile of school documents you have to read. Aside from that, you have difficulty viewing the overwhelming number of PDF copies containing the receipts of the things you bought online.

Stop worrying, and start using PDFBear!

With its vast features, you have a good chance of solving all your PDF-related problems. It is very functional. Not only can it view and edit your PDF files, but it can also merge, delete pages, convert, and unlock your PDF files for free.

4 Steps to Preview Pdf File Online

PDFBear is an online-based platform that can help you with your PDF needs. You can find here everything from the most basic to the most complex feature in managing a PDF file. This website offers a word doc to pdf that makes it easy for teachers, students, and other people handling PDF files to quickly preview and edit these documents without incurring costs. If you plan to open your PDF files through this website, here are the steps you must follow.

  1. Go to the PDFBear’s website.

As soon as you find the website, locate the view and edit PDF tool. After clicking it, several specific functions under that tool will appear. You can choose from edit, read, share, or add watermark, among others. Since you want to preview your PDF document, click the PDF reader.

  1. Choose the file you want to open.

You can do this by selecting the document from your device and dragging it to the website’s PDF Reader. In just a few seconds, the viewable format of your document will appear on the screen.

  1. Modify your PDF document.

The PDFReader will allow you to make any changes or add information to the document. You may proceed with printing or sharing the file if deemed necessary.

  1. Click download.

To have a copy of the edited version of your document, you can click the download button to save it to your device. You can check if it’s already in your files after a few seconds.

Why Choose Pdfbear as Your Pdf Reader?

PDFBear perfectly fits you if you hate wasting time and effort in exploring complicated software and applications. It has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate. The next thing you know, you have mastered how it works without even trying.

Its fast service enables you to view, edit, and share your document in seconds. People who are fond of reviewing the night before an exam or cramming their requirements will appreciate the speed of the website in letting them view and edit a file.

You might question the safety of this online based-tool but this website prioritizes the protection of your data. It uses SSL encryption to create a safe environment for the users.

This website is accessible for everyone, regardless of geographic location. And you can share your file anytime using only your smartphone or laptop.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the document because this website aims to provide the best quality for you.

4 Advantages of Using Pdf Documents

PDF is an acronym for portable document format. Even though your professor or boss has several file format options they can use, they still prefer putting data in a PDF document. To help you understand why, here are 4 advantages of using PDF.

  1. Sharing the file does not alter the format.

When sharing your PDF documents, the receiver of the file will see the same format of the text, images, charts, and other data. But if you try to use a word document, you will find out that the formatting differs from your copy to the receiver’s copy. You don’t want to put all your efforts in lay-outing the document into waste, right?

  1. It consumes less storage space compared to other formats.

If your phone constantly reminds you of having a low storage space, then you must consider using documents with small file sizes. By doing this, you prevent consuming much of the available storage space. In this way, you won’t experience a lot of phone freezing and crashing.

  1. You can add security restrictions.

During this time that identity theft becomes rampant, it is important to be wary of sharing your personal information. So if your PDF document contains sensitive and personal information, you can put a password to that document before it becomes available for viewing.  

  1. You can easily edit the document.

Using this file format, you can place your images, hyperlinks, and charts conveniently.


One of the drawbacks of doing almost everything online is the difficulty of finding the most suitable tools, software, and application that meet your needs. It is sometimes time-consuming but it is worth searching for. When the time comes that you have found the best tool to assist you, you will undoubtedly yield better results in the end.

If you have found PDFBear, then congratulations for saving yourself. You don’t have to go through the extra miles in managing your PDF files.

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