Amazing Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Male and Female



Tongkat Ali or as it’s scientific name goes “Eurycoma longifolia”, is a medical plant that has been used as a medicine in the South East Asian countries for many years. It is now complemented globally for its amazing benefits.

Tongkat Ali is known for its testosterone and energy-boosting capabilities. It is also used as an aphrodisiac and sexual health and performance booster. it works well for both males and females. Aside from its main qualities, there are so many other benefits to consider as well. This medicine is good for your mind and body. Everyone can benefit from this herbal medicine and the best part is that it has really low side effects, but limited usage is advised by specialists.

How to take Tongkat Ali?

There are many manufacturers of Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali UK is one of them and offers amazing deals. Remember, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about the dosage. Despite its significant health benefits, you should not overdose the usage.

It is recommended to start out slow, follow the results, and then increase the usage of it.

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It is advised to keep the usage from 200 mg to 400 mg per day. You can either take it one dosage or split it into two dosages if you want. It works both with or without food.

Due to lack of research, breastfeeding and pregnant women are not advised to use Tongkat Ali as of yet

Research is ongoing to discover new information about the benefit of this herb.

Here are the seven most known benefits of Tongkat Ali –

1. Enhances Sexual Health of Male and Female

Out of the many benefits first, let’s talk about the one it is most famous for. Tongkat Ali battles with problems like erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.

Benefits for Males

For males, age-related sexual disorders are a common problem and Tongkat Ali has been used as a remedy for this and has shown positive results. Tongkat Ali has been found more effective than a placebo in terms of increasing libido and improving erectile functions. A study has also found that Tongkat Ali is able to enhance sexual performance after prolonged usage. A study in 2010 has also shown the improvement of sperm quality due to Tongkat Ali.

Benefits for Females

Tongkat Ali has also shown results in improving women’s sex drive and fertility. Though not scientifically proven yet, it is stated to improve the sensitivity of the female erogenous areas hence further increasing the sex drive.

2. Increases Testosterone and Balances Hormones

Testosterone is a key hormone for our bodies. Now we might know testosterone as a male-only hormone but that is certainly not the case. Testosterone hormones are also present in female bodies and play important roles in skeletal health, vaginal, and breast health.

How the increase of Testosterone Helps the Male Bodies

Testosterone is one of the key hormones that relate to sexual health and energy. Over time with age the amount of this hormone decreases. And in some cases, it decreases at a rapid rate causing infertility and andropause in males. Tongkat Ali has demonstrated to increase the levels of testosterone and reduce these problems. It also increases libido health and strength.

How the increase of testosterone helps the female bodies

Tongkat Ali not only increases the amount of testosterone in the female body but also balances other hormones. Hormonal imbalance leads to lower sex drive, fatigue, brain fog, and even slow metabolism. The increase in testosterone helps prevent these problems and significantly raises energy levels and sexual drive.

Here are some other probable benefits that Tongkat Ali has shown.

3. Perfect Anxiety and Stress Reducer

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Aside from its various benefits in improving sexual health it also works for our mental health. Although research is limited, this herbal remedy has been regarded as an anti-anxiety medication to reduce stress. A study was conducted on 63 people with moderate stress levels. Tongkat Ali was successful in lowering these stress levels and further reduced anger, tension, anxiety, and even sleep problems. Tongkat Ali has also shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

4. Boosts your Energy

We already mentioned how hormones affect our mood. It also affects our energy levels. Reduced energy levels can cause emotional and physical distress. Fatigue and lethargy are common problems that occur due to insufficient hormones(i.e testosterone) or hormonal imbalance. Tongkat Ali works to fill this gap of hormonal energy and enable your body to produce energy.

5. Enhances Bone and Muscle Health

Bone health depends on calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and the right amount of hormones, especially testosterone. Due to the lack of hormones and other components, osteoporosis can occur. Osteoporosis is detrimental to health. It weakens the bones so much that they can break easily. Forearms, spine, hip bones can suffer due to this disease. Tongkat Ali has proven to increase the level of testosterone in the human body. Hence it is believed it can also improve bone health. Tongkat Ali may also improve muscle strength by increasing testosterone levels.

6. Helps in Maintaining Weight

Physical exercise and a balanced diet are certainly the most important factors when it comes to maintaining or losing weight. One other thing that needs to be mentioned here is the metabolism system in your body. How your body reacts to the food can make a lot of difference.

Metabolism is also affected by hormonal imbalance. Here again, Tongkat Ali benefits the user by balancing the hormonal levels or raising the hormones when necessary. By improving metabolism, one can ensure better food consumption and enjoy the benefits of, maintaining or losing weight properly.

7. Reduces Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels

Tongkat Ali may not directly affect in reducing blood sugar but it’s other benefits certainly do so. In order to maintain blood sugar and blood pressure or even lower the levels of diabetes, physical exercise, balanced diets, and proper sleep are needed.

Tongkat Ali helps you get better sleep by reducing stress and anxiety, helps you enjoy, and increases physical exercise by keeping your energy levels high. It also helps in enhancing muscle and bone health. All these effects in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Final Thoughts

tongkat ali

There is still tons of research ongoing to discover any side effects or to find out more ways to use this amazing herbal plant. As of yet, the health benefits are certainly seen and proven. So, follow the instruction of dosage and reap all the benefits this miraculous herbal remedy has to offer.

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