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Magnificent media personality, Lisa Boothe is not only well known for her successful media career but she has quite an impressive net worth as well. Her birth name is Lisa Marie Boothe but she uses Lisa Boothe as her name commonly. Born on February 3, 1985, this American woman has many achievements under her belt.

She was born in West Virginia and no one would know this girl with light brown eyes will reach heights of success. Many people are unclear about her ethnicity. According to several sources she is White. From her early education to career, this post has covered everything that her fans may want to know.

Early Life and Family

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Lisa Boothe spent her childhood days in Washington DC with her three brothers. Her father was associated with Capitol Hill for around a decade. She lived an interesting childhood along with her brother and parents. Lisa Boothe was an active child and took part in several sports. It would not be wrong to call a sports enthusiast as once she ended up hurting her anterior cruciate ligament during her sports games.

She was fond of ice skating, lacrosse, and played field hockey in her high school. She has been a part of championship rings.

Apart from her love for sports, Boothe used to take dance lessons when she was quite young. Take note that her father plays a crucial role in shaping her career choices. Her father, a former political analyst inspired her to opt for political show business.

Moreover, she started discussing political affairs with her father who later turned into her mentor as well. Lisa Boothe never hesitates to give credit to her parents for her achievements and successful career. You must have seen her saying, ’I am a product of my parents.’ It is their constant encouragement and support that lead her in the right direction. Moreover, in her interview with Fox News insider, she further expressed her sentiments for her parents.

Lisa Boothe revealed that she is grateful for her family.

“Family is my everything. I am truly blessed to have a loving and close-knit family. My parents raised my three brothers and me to support and love one another. No matter what happens in life, good or bad, it is reassuring to know that my family will be there to cheer me on or lift me up. Fortunately, my family has expanded in the past couple of years with the addition of my amazing sister-in-law and my fur baby Bella, a Cavalier King Charles.”


After learning about her early life and family, her fans must be willing to know what and where she has studied. Considering her interest in politics, she decided to get a degree in a subject that she was interested in. So, for her higher studies, Lisa Boothe went to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2003. She pursued her degree in political science and development and graduated in 2007.

Lisa Boothe Career

Lisa Boothe is one of those women who make her firm place in the field by putting significant efforts. Building a dynamic career takes years. And, all these years, Boothe gave nothing but hard work, consistency, and dedication. She is a role model for young girls, especially who are struggling in media to create a decent career. She took a step of career by working for the US House of Representatives as a staff assistant. Boothe got this opportunity after her graduation. If you are unaware, Lisa Boothe has also served as a contributor to well-known The Washington Times.

As you know, Lisa Boothe is not only an American journalist but is known as a sincere contributor of Fox News Channel. She joined the channel in 2016 as a network contributor. Plus, she also provided political analysis along with commentary across FNC’s primetime and daytime programs. Later in August 2017, she replaced Eric Bolling and joined the news talk show on the same channel. She has started as a host and the talk show continued successfully until it got canceled in September 2017. During her time at Fox News, she bagged the privileged to work with known faces like Katie Pavlich and Sandra Smith. It is often said that Boothe became Bolling’s replacement after claims of harassment were proved against him. So, she contributed to several news programs for the channel.

Not only this, she has tried her luck in hosting and not to mention did best. For those who were unfamiliar, Boothe is also a co-host on Outnumbered. She career does not limit here as you often see her as a guest panelist on a TV program – Special Report. Apart from this, she is or has graced several new programs with her appearance. Moreover, Lisa Boothe has founded High Noon Strategies where she performs her duties as a President. Plus, she has worked with 500 companies, navigates critical circumstances, along with broad political communication experience.

Furthermore, many people admire her for political opinions. It would not be wrong to claim that politics is a part of her genes. So, Lisa Boothe found politics even interesting in 2010. And, in the same year, she was already one of the team members when the National Republican Congressional Committee NRCC helped the US House of Representatives. Then in the Congress election of 2012, she started as a spokesperson for Sandy Adams.

Her determination does not end here. This is because Boothe has played the role of vice-president for Black Rock Group. This is an American investment management corporation that works globally. It has over 12,000 employees. Managing such an organization is considered one of the greatest achievements of Lisa Boothe.

Moreover, you will be thrilled to know that her career is full of diverse opportunities and challenges that she has managed singlehandedly. In the senator race election for Tommy Thompson, Boothe was seen as a spokeswoman. She further opted for Capitol Hill to develop communication tactics for political figures such as Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) and Mark Meadows (R-NC).

Boothe is an opinionated person. She never hesitates to put forward what she thinks. Politics is her keen interest and she presents her views to enlighten the audience. Lisa Boothe made her voice heard when President Donald Trump visited Iraq. It was indeed one of the major steps taken by the US President. Although media persons and media reports do not always appreciate the statements his spokesperson released.

However, Boothe stated what she feels about the President. Trump visited troops Al Asad Base located in Iraq on December 17, 2018. It was his first ever visit the war zone after taking the oath. On this occasion, Lisa Boothe said that the President was prematurely criticized. This criticism made headlines when it was around two years since he took regiment but still did not visit soldiers in the war zone. Moreover, Booth further said,

“President Trump cannot win with the media.”

Not only this, but Lisa Boothe also stated that President Trump’s made disrespectful comments to women and servicemen. The supporters of Trump did not take these statements of Lisa Boothe lightly. They replied that Lisa must have certain issues with the President. In this series, Boothe’s few last comments were that President Trump’s national address will receive negative feedback by Democrats just like negative media coverage.

Net Worth – Salary

Having an excellent career in media, it is sure that Lisa Boothe has an impressive net worth. She is one of the popular reporters of Fox. Boothe made a whopping $600K per year with her hard work and dedication. Moreover, her current net worth is $10 million. Isn’t it fantastic? If you are wondering, Lisa Boothe makes money from her journalism and as well as from her business career. When you have been blessed with wealth, you find it necessary to give back to society.

Boothe seems to share similar views as she actively takes part in charity work. Plus, she likes to be a part of such movements and often seen doing her part in them. As mentioned above, Lisa Boothe is a contributor to The Washington Times. And, her annual salary is $121,000. Take note that her journalism is her main source of income. Furthermore, in a senate campaign for Tommy Thompson, she has served as a spokeswoman.

Not only this, she used to work as developing communication strategies for several politicians including Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Sandy Adams (R-FL), and Mark Meadows (R-NC). Moreover, she has performed duties at the Black Rock Group as a senior director which was a Republican polling firm in the 2014 election cycle. Also, Lisa Boothe is the president and founder of High Noon Strategies along with broad experience in political communication. She has navigated crisis situation for over 500 companies. Therefore, she managed to build a net worth along with her career.

Personal Life – Boyfriend

It is hard to believe a woman with a successful career and impressive personality is single. Many people often look through different sources to find her marital status. However, she neither revealed nor seen with a male friend or colleague so often that it makes headlines. Moreover, her personal life is still a mystery. But, many rumors about her relationship status circulate quite often.

In 2015, these rumors heightened when she posted a photo on her official Facebook. Her comments section received plenty of attraction when she replied on one of the comments. The comment was ‘thanks for cropping me out!’ And, in her response, Boothe said ‘Love you, mean it.’ It is no surprise that such as the comment from one of the well-known personalities made people wonder what is going on between the two.

The comment was left by John Bourbonia Cummins. After this incident, Boothe received more than normal media attention. Moreover, some media sources speculated that she is dating with the Facebook guy. However, neither Lisa Boothe nor John has confirmed their relationship to date.

Personal Information

As mentioned above, Lisa Boothe had lived an active childhood. She used to take part in sports and enjoy them. She is now an animal lover. She loves dogs and has one – a Cavalier King Charles. Lisa Boothe calls her Bella. Being an active social media user, she posted her pet’s photos on almost all of her social networking websites. Not only this, she is closed to her family till date.

She adores her mother and often seen praising her selflessness. You can see her family photos on Boothe’s official Instagram. The fans of Boothe would love to know that she loves to spend her leisure time playing field hockey. Apart from this, she loves to travel too. Moreover, she admires the beaches. Her love for a beach is unlimited. She prefers to go on beaches to spend quality time on holidays.

Lisa Boothe believes that beach depicts freedom. She can feel it along with the peace in waves and sand of a beach.

She has a political background and is a ‘conservative’. She supports the POTUS Donald Trump administration. It is true that Lisa Boothe has created her name over the years. Now, she enjoys fame. You can estimate her popularity just by looking at her followers on Twitter. She has whopping 173K followers on the social networking platform. On the other hand, she has 76.5K followers on Instagram where she is quite active too. This stunning woman is 33 years old.

Bottom Line

Lisa Boothe does not only have an attractive face and impressive personality. But, she is a woman with an opinion. Her interest in politics led her to where she is currently. Building a stable career in media seems a time-consuming task, but she has made it.

Plus, her other ventures remained successful as well. From developing communication strategies to navigating crisis, her career is full of thrilling achievements. No question, her family supported her throughout the years. It was her will and consistency that help her unlocked opportunities. At 33, she has traveled, worked with well-known persons, managed to create an attractive net worth. Her story is inspiring.

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