Add Watermark to PDF: Your Detailed Guide Using The GogoPDF Tool



Adding watermarks to a PDF file is the best way to ensure your documents’ content is protected. It allows you to take full ownership of your files. In PDF files, a watermark is placed either behind the document’s existing content or positioned before it. You have the option to pick which one you like, and you can even customize it depending on your style.

By doing this, you’ll need a tool to help you ultimately add watermark in your PDFs. One good thing is that many online tools are available today, including GogoPDF, which is currently accessible online for public use. GogoPDF is a web-based tool that offers you free access to its watermark service. The device is not difficult to utilize, and it’s free. Here’s a detailed guide for adding a watermark to your PDF files using this website.

How Can You Add Watermarks Using The Gogo PDFs Online Tool? 

GogoPDF is now one of the most useful and convenient platforms to help you on how to add watermark to PDF online. It offers many services you could ever imagine. Here are the easiest and simplest ways to add watermarks to PDF files.

  1. Visit Gogo PDFs Official Website 

The first thing you need to do is set up all the stuff required, for example, a working computer or smartphone. You have to connect your device to the internet and search for ‘GogoPDF’ on your internet browser. The first link to popup is the software’s official website, so tap on it.

Next, after redirecting to Gogo PDFs landing page, you need to search for its online tool required for the watermarking process. 

  1. Upload Your PDF File

After getting to Gogo PDFs online tool from its official site, you need to transfer the PDF file you wish to edit. In case you are using a computer, you can apply the ‘drag and drop’ method of adding the file on the website. Please select a file that you need to add watermarks from your folder and place it on the site uploading box.

You can still freely use any Android device to do the procedure on the off chance that you don’t have a computer. To transfer a PDF file utilizing a smartphone or tablet, click the rectangular button on the screen with a purple background and ‘Select Files’ on it. Pick the document from your file storage that you need to change and hit the ‘OK.’

  1. Start Adding Watermark to PDF 

When the uploading process is completely done, you can begin modifying your PDF files. You can input any text or message you prefer to use as your watermark. Browse the options accessible where you want your watermark to be set. It very well may be at the middle, base, top, or side positions. 

After choosing where you prefer to put your text or image to make it your watermark, save all the changes. Then, click on the ‘Add Watermark’ button and wait for a few seconds. The watermarking process ordinarily requires around five minutes or less. Yet, a strong connection can make the process quick.

  1. You Can Now Download the Modified PDF with Watermark 

Once the watermarking is done, you would now be able to download and make the most of your modified PDF files. To do this, you can either tap the ‘Download’ button or the created download interface, contingent upon what choices are accessible on your device’s screen. Once more, if you prefer to save your file quicker, you need to have a strong internet connection.

What Are The Key Features Accessible to GogoPDF? 

  1. Data Encryption and Privacy 

This website comes with many fulfilling features, making it a standout amongst other online PDF tools today. Its security and data protection is off-the-chart as it uses and equips the most recent encryption technology. This online tool likewise ensures that it will forever erase all your shared information from its cloud workers following an hour. 

  1. Fast Services and High-Quality PDF Results 

Despite being one of the quickest PDF tools on the web, GogoPDF ensures that your PDF results will be pretty much as high-caliber as your original document.

  1. High Accessibility and Compatibility to Any Device 

On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty finding a PDF tool accessible on both computer and smartphone, then this website is the best you got. It supports any desktop or computer with Windows, Mac, and Linux working systems. This software is likewise open and viable with any Android device.

  1. Customize Your Watermark 

Like what was recently mentioned, you can customize or personalize the watermark in your PDF files. That is the remarkable feature of GogoPDF that you can do your files. You can pick a particular image or text that you prefer to utilize. You can even choose the shade of the content, the size, and the textual style. , 

  1. Simple and Easy-to-Use Platform 

Lastly, this website is an easy-to-navigate and straightforward online tool. It is the best PDF online tool for beginners as it comes with an easy to understand interface. 


Among tools today, GogoPDF is perhaps the most efficient and convenient for adding watermarks to your PD files as it is an online-based stage. It doesn’t ask you to download and install an application to use all of its features. All you need to do is access its official website and make the most of its problem-free online PDF tools.

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