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Dead by Daylight Is simply horrifying, especially the part of dying on a hook. The pursuit and the desperation to survive can keep your heart beating too fast and attempting to jump out of your mouth. The good news is that you can avoid the killers and their hooks if you know what to do. But it’s not going to be easy as it sounds. 

So, if you’re someone who loves the horrors and eager for some crazy killer chase, let’s help you survive the game. But you can also invest in proven Dead by Daylight cheats for pc to simplify the game. At least, you can use all the tricks and hacks to repair the generators and power the gates to freedom. 

If you’re ready, check the guide below 

Dead by Daylight Survival Guide 

1. Chase the Survivors First

Running away from those desperate and wicked killers can be very frightening. The uncertainty of not knowing what to expect from them can frighten you to death. So, if you want to overcome that fear, try to play as a killer first. In that position, you can understand them better, their abilities and perks too. Afterward, you can avoid them better as a survivor. Moreover, as you’re chasing the survivors, you’ll notice a lot of mistakes they make. Then as you play, you can avoid those mistakes too. 

2. Strategize Your Movements

The first thing that comes to mind is always to run as fast as you can away from the killers. But unfortunately, running leaves scratch marks behind you. So what do you do? Run as usual but stop and walk, then run again when necessary. One thing you’ll achieve is that the killer won’t pinpoint your movement, especially when you run and then walk in another direction. 

3. Choose Your Perks Wisely

Every game has perks that help players to survive or fight better. Dead by Daylight also has great ones too. Three perks you must get in the game are Iron Will, Self-care, and Decisive Strike. If the killer is searching for you, it is important to be as quiet as possible, and one of the perks that can help you is Iron Will. The next great perks include the Self-Care that you can use to heal yourself and keep going and the Decisive Strike that can help you avoid the hook if the killer is carrying you to it. So, make sure you spend some Bloodpoints to purchase them. 

4. Use the Terror Radius.

One of the things that help survivors know when the killer is around is the heartbeat. If the killer is far, the heartbeat is faint. But when it is closer, it becomes more intense. But you may not know the distance between you and the killer if you don’t have the Terror Radius. So, purchase the Terror radius and avoid the killer better. 

5. Know How to Locate the Generators.

In Dead by Daylight, the survivors must repair five generators to lit up the exit gates. But it is not that simple. First, you need to locate the generators and then repair and power them. Unfortunately, you can’t memorize the locations as they’re scattered everywhere. But you can find them by the lights that flash above them. Also, the sound of others that have been repaired will help you to find them. The danger, however, is that sometimes killers are usually walking around the generators waiting to catch the survivors. 

6. Repair the Generator Carefully. 

When it comes to repairing generators, you must be very careful. The process is noisy and can lead to your death. You must use the “Skill Check.” This is an audio cue that helps you to know whether you’ve succeeded or failed. If you fail one of the checks, the generator will explode, and you will start from the beginning. The most frightening aspect is that the sound will tell the killer where you are, and he will come visiting.  So, the best thing is to be very careful but still prepare your escape route. 

7. Don’t Forget the Exit Location.

As a survivor, your whole aim centers on using the exit gates to reach freedom. It is usually painful when you forget where the exit is and still hang after the suffering. So, make sure you memorize the exit so that when the siren goes off, you can locate it and leave. Unfortunately, you’ll only see the location once. So, make it count. 

8. Don’t Waste Your Pallets.

Pallets help you to escape the killer faster as a drop on them can stun them. So, save the one you have because you only get one chance to use it. Although if Killer Legion is chasing you, your pallet won’t save you if his power is active. 


Dead by Daylight is a game that can keep you busy and afraid at the same time. it requires all the strategies and hacks you can find to survive the hook-killing desperadoes. So, use our guide to make it to the exit gates.

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