PDF & Document Watermarking – 7 Benefits Of Adding Watermark



The Internet is ruling this age!

We are kind of letting it go by getting more and more addicted to its wonders. But, one of the few negative things about the internet is false news and data.

People are getting so adamant about making money in the easiest [illegal] form possible that stealing originals and circulating fake ones is becoming common.

Well, these are the faults, and our job is to protect us from these flaws!

Yes, there are ways for sure.

Now, coming to the word that you are looking for ‘watermark.’ Now how can watermark help you protect your data from being wrongfully distributed? We will be getting to that shortly in the excerpt below.

What Is A Watermark?

The simplest explanation of a watermark is literally putting your name on the document. You can put a watermark on literally everything. It is like signing your original poem or painting.

However, today we will be talking about putting a watermark on a pdf file. This is where you put your name or your website’s name on every page on the PDF file.

Yes, every page!

This is you claiming a patent of your original work, which you worked hard on.

Benefits Of Adding Watermark

Here are seven of the concrete benefits of putting a watermark on your PDF document, especially if you are sending it for any official reason or uploading your file on a peer-to-peer domain like ipiratebay.

1. Makes The Document Authentic

Let’s say you’re uploading your file on a research domain or sending it for evaluation to some clients with a watermark; you are making your work more authentic than ever. 

At times if we are just given a few texts in terms of a PDF, as a reader, we get slightly skeptical to believe everything said. However, with a watermark, your work will be acknowledged as authentic.

Plus, it will be deemed as your original work since the watermark is yours.

2. Prevents It From Theft

Data thievery over the internet is a big concern!

We hear news about people stealing copies of original work and selling them for monetary gain every day. This is prevented with the work of a watermark. 

Now, even if the data is stolen by an unoriginal writer claiming it as their own, the watermark will save your reputation.

3. Prevents It From Unauthorized Circulation

Unauthorized circulation is not when a person claims your work to be theirs but anonymously circulates it to make some extra cash.

According to copyright law, one is allowed to make money under someone else’s work. Therefore, they should be ready for the consequences that will ensue because of their criminal offense.

4. Placing It Correcting Will Prevent It From Being Cropped

Whenever you are putting a watermark, ensure that you are putting it correctly. That is, it shouldn’t be at the corners because then cropping would be easy. 

You need a place in the center of the page but not in a way that is distracting.

The reader should be able to read your work plus acknowledge you. If you make it too easy to crop, there is no point in putting a watermark.

5. Makes A Good Impression

If you are sending a portfolio or a proposal to a client, putting a watermark is a sense of professionalism. It shows that you are confident about your work and aren’t afraid to place your name with it.

You make an excellent impression, and it could be the confidence that can land you the job or that deal.

6. Your Work Will Be Recognized

If you are a new writer or researcher and you want your work to be recognized under your name, there is no better way than putting a watermark underneath it.

If you are uploading your work on a common domain, these watermarks can help interested people reach you.

A Digital Signature

A watermark is a lot like a digital signature where you put your name underneath your work.

Only a person very confident with their work will do it! Because you are risking exposure.


For protection & acknowledgment!

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